From the recording Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie


Chorus Lassie wi’ the yellow coatie, Will ye wad a moorland jockie? Lassie wi’ the yellow coatie, Will ye busk and gang wi’ me? I hae meal and milk in plenty, I hae kale and cakes fu’ dentie, I've a but and ben fu’ gentie, But I want a wife like thee. Chorus Tho my mailin be but sma', Little gowd hae I tae shaw, I've a hairt withoot a flaw, And I'll gie it all tae thee. Chorus With my lassie and my doggie, Oe'r the braes and through the boggie , Nane on airth was aye sae jaunty, Or sae blithe as we will be. Chorus Haste ye lassie tae my bosom, While the roses are in blossom, Time is precious, dinna lose it, Flo'ers will fade and so will ye. Chorus wi’: with coatie: coat wad: wed jockie: young man busk: dress up gang: go hae: have meal: oatmeal kale: broth cake: oatcake fu’: full dentie: dainty but and ben: kitchen and parlor (two room cottage) gentie: genteel mailin: rented land sma’: small gowd: gold shaw: show hairt: heart withoot: without gie: give tae: to o’er: over braes: hillsides boggie: bog nane: none airth: earth sae: so dinna: do not flo’er: flower