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Tim Jenkins, Balladeer: Music

Charlie He's My Darling

(Tim Jenkins, Balladeer)
August 8, 2010
Robert Burns

An’ Charlie, he’s my darling,
My darling, my darling,
Charlie, he’s my darling,
The young Chevalier.

‘Twas on a Monday morning,
Right early in the year,
That Charlie came to our town,
The young Chevalier.

As he was walking up the street,
The city for to view,
He spied a bonnie lassie,
The window looking thro’.

Sae light he jumped up the stair,
And tirl’d at the pin;
And wha sae ready as hersel’
To let the laddie in.

He took his Jenny on his knee,
All in his Highland dress;
For brawly well he kenn’d the way
To please a bonnie lass.

 It’s up yon heathery mountain,
An’ doon yon scroggie glen,
We daur na gang a milking,
For Charlie and his men.
Chorus (2X)

an’: and
chevalier: knight
sae: so
tir’d at the pin: rattled the latch
wha: who
hersel’: herself
brawly: perfectly
kenn’d: knew
doon: down
scroggie: abounding in stunted bushes
daur: dare
na: not
gang: go